Surface Departement

Exchange of Decorative Material

The design of an interior influences everyone who is in it. The type of influence can have a more positive or negative effect on well-being. We can adapt your interior to your personal style or the existing preparation and, if necessary, replace partial elements, or make optical adjustments. Our experience in this area includes the processing of various materials and their integration into the existing interior. We offer you in-depth knowledge in this area that, coupled with our long-standing network of partners, can guarantee the highest quality in implementation. Let us participate in your wishes and ideas so that we can realize them together.


Through years of painting work on different surfaces with different types, shapes and materials, we were able to acquire extensive know-how. Recognizing different material surfaces, determining their condition is one of the most important points for a successful repair and painting process, so that quality and durability can always be guaranteed to customers. As specialists in surface preparation and coating, we can offer you various painting processes on different types and substrates. Thanks to our state-of-the-art painting system, we can finely paint larger parts as well. This applies to technical coatings with layer thickness measurement, for which specified tolerances must be adhered to. We are happy to develop high-quality, high-gloss surfaces for you, including structured optics, or combined variants with different degrees of gloss for your very own style.

Repair Solutions

In renovation projects, various repairs to surfaces or carrier materials often have to be carried out in advance before the actual coating processes can be started. The best possible final quality can only be achieved with the right repair processes and their materials. Our repair know-how can repair cracks in surfaces through to broken or loosened parts / spots. We can also repair or replace missing or broken parts of the subfloor or cover elements such as veneer in their original form. We offer you in-depth knowledge that will allow you to professionally carry out various repair solutions, customization work in terms of shape, color and processing of various materials.


Would you like to have surfaces with a noble metallic finish? We can refine various metal and plastic surfaces for you. Our service in this area covers all aviation needs. Metals can be coated in a wide variety of color nuances using the electrostatic immersion process. Plastics can also be coated with precious metals using another technology (CVD / PVD). Thanks to our professional network of partners and our know-how, we can implement all your finishing requests in the highest quality and in reasonable through put times according to your ideas.


Do you have surfaces that show slight signs of use?
If so, we have more than 20 years of theoretical and practical experience for your discretion. Professional polishing takes a lot of knowledge and practice. Polishing with a previous grinding process is one of the premier class. We use this process for all high-gloss lacquered surfaces. The difficulty lies in assessing how much grinding and polishing processes a surface can withstand, because at some point there will be no more coating. Thanks to our know-how, we can determine and carry out the right selection of polishing materials, as well as the suitable hand-guided preparation process, so that we can provide you with the highest possible surface quality.

Before upgrading
After upgrading

Leather Upgrading

Through the characteristics that it displays stress resistant, easy-to-clean and exquisite appearance leather has been predestined to be used as material for seat covers.
When the leather seat is old and worn out, the leather looks unsightly.
Our performance leather coating conforms to all international airline standards, while at the same time attaining the highest degree of comfort and elegance. When comparing refurbished leather to new leather, we attain a very high and almost original leather characteristic standard.
- Flammability according FAR/CS 25.853, App. F
- I-Performance Testing according EN ISO 11640 & EN 14327
- Certification with EASA Form 1 according EASA Part 145