Advanced Cabin Interior Consultation & Design

We focus our work on the harmony of humans and aircraft cabin design: Authentic, truly and effective. Our philosophy is based on these basic elements, which we aim to follow consistently. It is the core of our passion for design, engineering, craftsmanship and implementation. We work with the appropriate materials, perfectly matching composition of colors and hand selected materials, traditionally and professionally processed.

Our wide flair for interior design underlines the individuality for each customized project even further. The final interior design developed on client demands and expectations will fulfill a combination of their emotions and swiss-style functionality. Our ideas integrate people of different ages, cultures and personalities. It is about the individual expression and evolution, which gives a simple object a final true identity - converting an initial customer request into an overwhelming interior design based on an individually tailored and handcrafted concept.

Attention to every single detail is the most important focus in each and every project for us. We combine our work with joy, passion, know-how and many years of industry experience.