Cabin Deep Cleaning

Your airplane should give you joy. It should be taken care of and should be available to you at all times. That’s why it deserves the best care. Put your trust in the hands of SAI. You can be sure that your airplane is in the hands of experts, who have knowledge of deep cleaning.
SAI has all-out dedication to achieve the best quality. You can be sure that we will keep your airplane cabin in flawless condition.

Cabin Disinfection

SAI offers different levels and treatments of aircraft disinfection according to WHO recommendation:

  • Pre-flight and residual aircraft disinsection for protection against any insects
  • General aircraft disinfection in order to sanitise the aircraft

Cleaning Materials

SAI, as your highly experienced partner in the area of business, VIP and VVIP aircraft cabin maintenance and service, offers a concerted system of high quality and innovative cleaning and maintenance products. In our Cabin Deep Cleaning we use environmentally friendly cleaning agents, some of which are biodegradable. We completely dispense with toxic detergents. Our concern is to protect your aircraft and contribute to protection of the environment.